The Great Barrington Declaration

The Great Barrington Declaration

The Other Side of the Medical Science Community

In October of 2020, three medical doctors and epidemiologists from the medical schools of Harvard, Stanford, and Oxford composed a manifesto called The Great Barrington Declaration in response to the rigorous COVID lockdown measures. Since then, over 20,000 infectious disease epidemiologists and medical scientists have signed it, supporting the idea of Focused Protection. Instead of a canned, one-size fits all answer to the threat of COVID, the doctors saw the problem as a whole – not just the virus itself, but the residual effects it would have with the medically compromised part of the population and the economic hit that our country would take.


The reason the Great Barrington Declaration was of such interest to me is that those who align themselves with the pro-lockdown will constantly purport that they support science and the experts But it doesn’t take much to realize that there has not been any such virus whereby the entire medical community seems to be divided – and not just divided, but one side seems to have much to say while enduring much censorship and sometimes even threats. It causes one to ask, “What do they know that Fauci and Friends don’t want us to know?”


For one, the doctors of The Great Barrington Declaration believe in the power of herd immunity, which has suddenly turned into a dirty term any time you dare mention it in the mainstream. But if you look closely, it’s not so easily dismissed. With most viruses or illnesses, our bodies are meant to build up a resistance to them, especially over time. Our bodies were actually made to do this. The more that extremely low risk people get a virus, the less they become carriers to infect those who are at higher risk. For instance, when a 25 year-old healthy woman contracts COVID with relatively mild symptoms, she becomes a “safe” link in the chain and increases the overall safety of the vulnerable. But whenever you ignore such a reality and lockdown and mask up, you just delay the inevitable. COVID 19, like all other viruses, doesn’t just magically disappear after everyone has been grounded to their homes after a period of time. This is basic knowledge for medical practice among those who treat infectious diseases, but yet, it’s been tritely dismissed.


In conjunction with herd immunity, the other elements of Focused Protection in addition to allowing the younger and stronger population to carry on with their lives, thus boosting herd immunity, is to have a strong focus on helping the older population, those in nursing homes, and those who are immuno-compromised. Things like frequent testing of nursing home staff and minimal staff rotation, developing more concentrated programs whereby retired people have their groceries and necessities delivered to them, keeping those who are at the highest risk from having to be out in public or heavily populated areas, such as stores and offices.


Dr. Rodney Story of Moscow, ID says that the virus is generally very predictable regarding who will contract it and who will have a harder time with recovery. He points out in an interview with Canon Calls (and I’ll post the link of this interview at the bottom) that while many other countries are very public and open about therapeutic measures to take to either prevent the virus or recovering – even passing out baggies with high concentrations of Vitamins C, D, and Zinc – the US has been deficient in available therapeutic drugs and information. In some states, it’s even illegal to procure some of these measures, therefore, exposing hospitals to unnecessary levels of patients who would otherwise recover more quickly or successfully had they been treated with therapeutic measures. The problem is, if we allow our medical institutions to explore these measures and make them more available, the necessity for constant masking and lockdown lessens.


So, you aren’t just “seeing things.” You are not mistaken to smell something fishy. Over 20,000 doctors and medical professionals say so. And many of these doctors have been educated at the same medical schools with those who are proclaiming that masks, lockdowns, and vaccines are our only saviors. Talk to your doctor about The Great Barrington Declaration. Or if you have the sense that you’ll be scoffed at, find a doctor or medical professional who will discuss this with you. The more you are informed about what is going on, the less likely you are to retreat or clam up when someone attempts to tell you that you are not for “science.”

*By Rebecca Nugent, Contributing Writer


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