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Encourage. Empower. Equip. CLA emboldens women to speak up for freedom, our God-given rights, our families and our country without apology. As “The Conservative Sisterhood,” we welcome you to our community with open arms.

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The Ladies Voice - Endorsements

The Ladies Voice – Endorsements

Religious Freedom

Religious Freedom



Right to Life

Right to Life

Second Ammendment

Second Ammendment

We Believe In Protecting The

First Ammendment

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Saving Children

Protecting Family Values

Sex Education

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We believe in our God-given Rights and the US Constitution. We value our freedom and love our country and believe in teaching our young people to honor and love her as well. We respect each individual’s right to their own opinions and beliefs and we seek to educate others through facts. We believe we are stronger as a community, seeking to protect our freedoms and families together.