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Your annual CLA membership dues help to advance the conservative movement in nationally and support the work we are doing to ENCOURAGE ladies and citizens to step up and take action. We EMPOWER citizens with information, support and likeminded community. And we EQUIP citizens with tools and actionable steps to create real change.

CLA supports strictly conservative candidates and leaders who are actively lending their voice to the conservative agenda and movement*. We educate our members on issues and legislation that supports our conservative America-First values.

Your PATRIOT membership allows you full access to CLA events (including discounts on events that are open to the public, exclusive access to our members-only forums on social media, merch discounts and more!

PATRIOT members also have the opportunity to have a business listing on our website and a discounted rate for a larger advertising presence. PATRIOT members may also have a monthly business promotion on our social networks.

PATRIOT member candidates running for office may have a listing on our website and share campaign information in our forums.

*We are not a PAC, meaning that we do not make direct financial contributions to any political campaigns or entities – our work is done through influencing and activity with campaigns and within our communities

2022 Annual PATRIOT Dues are $49.95

*Membership is valid for 365 days beginning on the date of purchase. Your membership dues will renew automatically 1 (one) year from the date of purchase. If you wish to cancel your membership you must do so prior to the renewal date. Membership dues are non-refundable.