When Will It Stop?

When Will It Stop?

*By Tammy Carter, CLW Founding Member


I know I’m not the only one that mutters at least daily, “When will it stop?”  The reality is, it’s not going to stop and because of that, neither are we.

The latest, near heart stopping reaction I experienced, was to the news that Tracy Manning is about to be confirmed as our country’s new head of Bureau of Land Management (sorry I can’t pass this up, it cannot be a coincidence that the initials for the agency are also synonymous with a domestic-terrorist group) She hangs her hat on a belief system that believes that “children are environmental hazards”!  I could expound on her recorded positions, like

“… and more importantly, we must breed fewer consuming humans” and “the earth can’t afford Americans”, but I dare not go down in the mire. This, a woman that turned state’s evidence against her own environmental buddies when there was prosecution because of eco-terrorism that she was aligned with has absolutely no idea of the inalienable value of every single pre-born or born person breathed into existence by our Almighty God.


“Breed” indeed! If she can say that, can she possibly have an idea what it means to stand firm in a faith that believes that all God created things deserve respect and protection?

Population control, as she is insinuating and has promoted the indoctrination of, in the hands of governments and abortuaries spells nothing but destruction for mankind.  It has ruined China, the streets run RED with the spiritual blood of the untold millions of babies aborted in the name of “family planning”.  The death of pre-born people and the immeasurable impact of the human rights abuses by this despicable blood shed will likely never be fully known.  We must never forget that abortion stops a beating heart and breaks another, and another and another.  What thesaurus are they using when they think family killing is synonymous with “family planning”?

Do I sound mad? I’m not, I’m outraged!  Should the nomination go through, the likelihood that she will weaponize the Bureau of Land Management is almost a given.  Bipartisanship is a must, especially in this position, and the hope for that is nothing but a joke if she is confirmed.  Jobs, commerce, oil, gas drilling, agriculture, legislation on public land and beef will be in the hands of someone that can’t comprehend the basics of life. How can she be expected to approach our precious and critical public land use with a balanced mind and heart?

Mustn’t the value of God’s sovereignty over mankind and the earth He provided just for us, be understood first in order for a person or public figure appointed or voted in, to lead our nation’s future?

We will quiet our hearts in prayer Ladies, and then, ….. we will stand firm.