The Matrix of Liberty: Part 1

The Matrix of Liberty: Part 1

I cannot believe that I didn’t know about the Matrix of Liberty! Have you heard of it? 


Let’s get past the word Matrix and shake the vision of that guy from the movie with the trench coat and sunglasses. What is a Matrix? Mathematically it is a rectangular array of numbers that display definitions of mathematical operations. A definition from Merriam-Webster is “In ancient Rome, a matrix was a female animal kept for breeding, or a mother plant with fruitful seeds”. Dictionary . Com though explains that Matrix can also mean “something that constitutes the place or point from which something else originates, takes form or develops…” The Matrix of Liberty….How to propagate liberty….the formula for liberty….the conception of liberty!


Did you know that there is a National Monument in Plymouth, MASS that embodies the Matrix of Liberty???? There’s a movie and study guide all about it called “Monumental” presented by Kirk Cameron, book written by Stephen McDowell.


Here is a preview. We bought the movie and study guide and was blown away by everything we learned. They go way back before the Mayflower and unpack information about the life for pilgrims before the USA but I will unpack some of those details next week.


This is how God established the Matrix of Liberty through weak, humble, thinned-out people despite all of the persecution they fled from and the debit they arrived to America with. Despite the little food and ill-equipped housing preparations. Despite traveling over with opportunists and non-Christians who wanted to stay with them in America:


1) Faith in the one true God of the Bible, faith in Jesus. He gives wisdom!  This is where we start, it is at the tippity top of the Monument because it is paramount to the individual and the nation.


2) Character/Morality that produces internal freedom. The transformation of the heart by the work of God. No more top-down morality imposed on people! Now morality comes from within and shines out.


3) Civil Authority/Civil Law. This is order in society, stemming from God’s law. It is merciful and just. No more laws from tyrants but civil authority born of grace. Civility in society is the needed foundation to educate your children.


4) Education. This is victory because when you show the next generations how to carry on this matrix of liberty it survives. Parents, Grandparents and elders teach this to their children.


5) Liberty Hero ~ He is the fruit of all the others before him. He has defeated tyranny. Liberty is a soldier, a defender and a conqueror. His chains have fallen and he is free at last because of God’s given inalienable rights!!!!


Bottom line I think that our enemy (Satan, Leftism, Marxism and Communism) knows the Matrix of Liberty better than most any of us do. Look at the destruction of the moral fabric in our country in the last century alone, seems targeted in light of this information. There’s still time to snap out of it and turn things around. We can still repent. We need God, we need to mature our faith in Him to gain wisdom. We need to cling to God to continually refine our character.  We need to be a part of establishing law.  We cannot remain spectators.  We have to watch over and communicate with our trusted servants constantly to make sure they know how WE THE PEOPLE want the laws to be. We need to generationally train up our children in The Lord and teach them about global politics, American history as well as Government in the USA. This is how we nourish and strengthen liberty and we must.


Go watch the preview and comment if you will get the Monumental DVD for your household.  I’ll be back next week to unpack more about Monumental and our history.


*This post and its series is written by a CLW contributing writer who prefers to remain anonymous for privacy reasons.