The End of Political Politeness

The End of Political Politeness

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America


You know the old saying…”Two things we never talk about among friends and family: religion and politics.”


Well, how dumb is that?! Seriously, if you are a Bible-believing Christian that is just about the stupidest thing to do. In the Bible it tells us to go out and PROCLAIM the Good News of Jesus Christ. Under those directives, why on earth would we ever not talk about “religion” with our friends and family. We, as Christians, are the church and it is our duty to go and spread the Gospel everywhere.


My very best friend used to talk to me all the time about Jesus. Daily. Many of my friends did, actually. I let them because I knew it was important to them and it seemed to make them feel good to be able to talk…and tell me about how they were praying for me.  Little did I know, I would one day come to the darkest place in my life and what I found there at the end of myself was Jesus Christ. Thanks, no doubt, to all those seeds that had been planted by my friends who ignored the old adage “no talking about religion.”


The same thing applies to politics. Because we are so afraid to ruffle feathers or possibly lose friends because we have a difference of opinions, we keep quiet and we “don’t talk politics” with those we care about – or those who are signing our paychecks. If you’re a Conservative, though, you’ve no doubt listened to your liberal friends talk about their politics and the political causes that they care about. If you shared your views, you might lose them as friends. And so you just sit quietly, in silence, not telling them how ridiculous it is to “defund or abolish the police” or that the government has no right to take away our guns because of that thing called the Second Amendment and that GUNS don’t kill people, criminals kill people.


For years, most of us conservatives had been pretty quiet in an effort to keep the peace. I’m guessing the majority of us thought many of these crazy ideas wouldn’t get very far…I mean, we wouldn’t actually see it become law that our daughters could get an abortion without our consent or knowledge while we have to drive to the school to give her a Tylenol for her headache. That just sounds so bizarre. That’ll never happen!


Oh wait. Here we are.


If you’re a conservative reading this, you know that I could go on and on all day with examples like I just gave. Examples of things we thought were too crazy (insane) to actually be passed into law. Little by little the left has pushed further and further into the Upside Down we find ourselves living in right now.


We just wanted to be polite. We just wanted to keep the peace with our family and friends. We never really thought it would go this far. But it did. And slowly but surely conservatives are getting bolder and more courageous. We’re all beginning to say the things we should have said long ago. I see it in comment threads on local mainstream media accounts on social media. It’s a relief to see people finally speaking out, but we’re a little late. Ok, a lot late. And now we’ve got to scramble to get things back on track. We’ve got to fight really hard to keep this whole thing from falling off the “left cliff.”


Look at what the Biden Administration is trying to shove through Congress – HR 5, HR 1, HR 8 – all bills designed to take away our freedoms. These bills hit everything from religious freedoms, transgenders playing sports with their “chosen” gender, our gun rights, voting rights…I’m pretty sure they covered it all. And to make things even easier for them, they’re attempting to pack the Supreme Court so they can push all the crazy stuff through without the proper checks and balances that were designed by our Founding Fathers.


It’s time to end our Political Politeness. It’s time to shine light on all this madness. It’s time to do whatever we can to wake up our friends and family who aren’t seeing why all of this is a big problem for every freedom-loving American.


If you’re a Christian, it’s also time to stop being polite about Jesus. He is coming and we should be telling the world the Good News and saving as many of our friends and family (and even strangers) as we can.


It’s not polite for us to refrain from discussing these issues with our friends and family…it’s irresponsible.