SB-5476 Decriminalizing Drug Possession

SB-5476 Decriminalizing Drug Possession

Washington voters we need your help on another important bill that, if passed the way it is currently written, will have a very negative impact on our communities.


This bill is in response to the State V. Blake decision. The state Supreme Court made a 5-4 decision in State v. Blake by weighing the evidence of a drug charge appealed by a woman in Spokane, Shannon Blake. A baggie of methamphetamine was in the pocket of a pair of jeans Blake received from a friend. After an unrelated arrest, the drugs surfaced when jail staff searched her clothing. She neither was a drug user nor knew of the baggie in her secondhand pants.

Many cities around the state are working to RE-criminalize drug possession as a result of this supreme court decision including Mill Creek and Monroe

Mill Creek passes ordinance to re-criminalize drugs – Lynnwood Times

Monroe wants drug possession illegal again after state law got wiped | The Snohomish County Tribune newspapers

Senate Bill 5476 seeks to

  • Establish personal use amounts for controlled substances.
  • Removes criminal penalties for the possession of a controlled or
    counterfeit substance or a legend drug that does not exceed the personal use amount.
  • Authorize¬† law enforcement to refer individuals possessing a personaluse amount of a controlled substance, counterfeit substance, or legend drug to a forensic navigator for the purpose of evaluation and treatment.

This bill needs to be amended to add the word “KNOWINGLY” in front of the word “possess”, therefore making it a crime to knowingly possess drugs in Washington.

5476 know

Easy action item that we need everyone to take TODAY! Please visit this link to send a comment to your representatives saying that you want the word “knowingly” added to this bill. Click on the “Comment on this bill” on the right side of the screen Washington State Legislature



In addition, please also email the Speaker of the House, Laurie Jinkins and Senate Majority Leader, Andy Bilig and Governor Jay Inslee with the same request.