Prohibit Vaccine Passports in Washington

Prohibit Vaccine Passports in Washington

Today in a Facebook live video, state representative Jim Walsh announced a bill that he and several of his Republican colleagues have introduced to the state legislature.


House Bill 1570 : AN ACT Relating to prohibiting the government from requiring proof of vaccination to access public places.


Because this bill has been entered so late in the session, it is possible it won’t be heard until the fall. But WE THE PEOPLE need to step up now and start making our voices heard on this bill RIGHT NOW! We are asking that you comment on this bill, that you email each of your representatives and senators – now and often. As Rep Walsh mentioned in his video, one email of phone call from a voter probably won’t sway a politician, but if hundreds call and email, it is very hard to ignore. So let’s get LOUD!


When you contact your representatives, make sure you especially target the Democrats as they are the ones who will predictably vote against this piece of legislation. Not sure who to contact? Find your reps here: Washington State Legislature


Our Republican representatives can’t do this without our help. Let’s step up early and often and get this bill passed. Please be sure to share this link to spread the word.