Prepare For Battle

Prepare For Battle

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America

I recently watched a 3 night event at Jack Hibbs’ Chino Hills church, Calvary Chapel, featuring William Federer called “Understanding the Culture.” It was fascinating and informative. Mr. Federer took us on a deep dive into the history of the world and the history of our country, giving us insight into how we got to where we are today.

One thing that was really powerful for me was his explanation of Hegelian Dialectics. You’ve got the status quo and then the government creates a problem that is “real bad.” They become the hero by coming up with an answer…the answer isn’t the status quo, but it is “half as bad” as the “real bad” problem. And the people are satisfied by the “half as bad” answer.

Then the government creates another problem that is “real bad”, followed by another appeasement of the people with an answer that is “half as bad.” It’s not good, it’s not really what they want, but it’s not as bad as the real bad, so the people accept it.

As I watched William Federer breaking down the Hegelian Dialectics, I thought instantly of the current issue we’re having in Washington state with our schools requiring our students and staff to wear masks and be vaccinated. Parents all over are holding rallies and protests in an attempt to get rid of the mask and vaccine mandates. So let’s say the schools decide to lift the requirements on vaccines and the kids only have to wear masks. Parents might accept that. Or let’s say they decide that students don’t have to be masked after all. Parents will be so thrilled they may not bother to complain and protest against Critical Race Theory or Comprehensive Sex Education or the LGBTQ agenda being pushed on our kids. Maybe they won’t be as adamant about biological males competing in girls sports as transgenders.

hegelian dialectic 1

The radical left has created massive amounts of brush fires all along the interstate, leaving conservatives and republicans and freedom-loving Americans of every political affiliation, scrambling to extinguish the flames. It’s easy to start the fires – prioritizing which fires to extinguish first, is another story.

It’s the art of distraction which is a strategy of the left and it works very well. Look at all the issues (aka “fires”) we are dealing with right now: election integrity, vaccine mandates, mask mandates, open borders, crisis in the Middle East, inflation, indoctrination in our public schools, cancel culture, religious freedom being suppressed…and the list goes on. Having a plethora of issues facing us right now makes it difficult for us to unite around a single issue and effectively fight it and “extinguish the fire.”

We’re scattered. I refer to it often, but it’s the best example I have – we’re playing a game of whack-a-mole as we try to fight these issues we face today. And it’s all part of the plan. Distract. Fragment. Overwhelm. And then swoop in and provide a solution that’s “half as bad” and the people feel good.

Because our attention is scattered in so many different directions, it makes it next to impossible to effectively strategize to defeat the insanity of the radical left. I believe we are in a time where we have to draw a hard line in the sand, we have to do the difficult and uncomfortable things. I believe we are coming into a time where we need to take drastic measures to create change in our country. I’m of the opinion that getting our children out of public schools is the only choice. Creating change is a long game and it could take decades and we must fight. But our kids can’t stay in the schools. Can you imagine what would happen if there was a massive withdrawal of students from public schools?

We’ve got employers threatening to force vaccines as a condition of employment. Protesting is fine, but again, I believe we are going to have to feel the pain and stand our ground and see if the employer follows through with firing us. And when that happens we work with firms like Alliance Defending Freedom to fight for our Constitutional Rights. We fight together in massive numbers. It’s going to be ugly and there are millions of people who will lose a lot – finances, reputation, comfort.

It doesn’t make me feel good to write this. My heart is heavy as I see how quickly America is going in a very dangerous direction. However, I am encouraged and inspired to see how many patriots are waking up and are ready to stand up and stand strong against this tyranny we are facing today. I believe that if groups across America, just like CLW, can effectively strategize we can save this country and we can preserve our freedoms.

“Intelligence, patriotism, Christianity, and a firm reliance on Him who has never yet forsaken this favored land, are still competent to adjust in the best way all our present difficulties.”
– Abraham Lincoln, President, March 4, 1861 inaugural address