Gov Inslee: The Unvaccinated are Terrorists

Gov Inslee: The Unvaccinated are Terrorists

*By Julie Barrett, Founder Conservative Ladies of America

Whenever I hear the word terrorist the first vision that comes to mind is 9/11. It was a terror attack, by Al Qaeda terrorists. 2001 was the year when the word terror became part of our everyday vocabulary in America. When I hear the word, I think of a very bad person, an evil person, a person with a dark soul who has no conscience. I’ve certainly never thought of myself or anyone I’ve ever personally met, for that matter, as a “terrorist.”

My governor thinks I am a terrorist.

At a press conference last week where Washington Governor, Jay Inslee, was giving yet another Covid update, he said: “Thirty-four percent of Washingtonians are walking around with a time bomb in their backpack because they’re not vaccinated.”

The first image that comes to my mind is the Boston Marathon and the backpacks were hidden among the crowd with homemade pressure-cooker bombs that killed 3 people. Is Governor Inslee suggesting that my being “unvaccinated” (which I’m not, I’ve had vaccines. I have not had the mRNA injection though…I think that’s the “vaccine” he’s talking about) is the equivalent of the Boston Marathon bombers? Because that’s what it sounds like to me.

In addition to this asinine comment, Inslee goes on to say that there are only 3 options for people: “You’re either going to have had COVID, you’re going to have a vaccination, or you’re going to be dead.”

I’ve had Covid and I have the “papers” that prove that I have the antibodies. But that doesn’t matter to Inslee. I’m still walking around with a time bomb in my backpack because I’ve chosen not to be forced into an injection I don’t want or need.

We all know that the “vaccine” doesn’t stop people from getting or giving Covid-19. And yet we have “leaders” at the highest level of our government accusing those who will not be forced into a medical decision of being terrorists, deadly threats, to the rest of society. There is one word to describe this behavior: EVIL.

This is evil, divisive, destructive and that IS the point. The point is not health and saving lives. The point is to turn people against each other, to destroy businesses and livelihoods, to create strife among families. And it is working beautifully…because so many people have bought into the fear they are selling.