Do Not Comply!

Do Not Comply!

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America


The mask mandates are back. My county, Snohomish County, has announced that a new indoor mask mandate effective today, August 12th. Many of us went along with the masks in stores and businesses the first time around, even if we thought it was useless. This time, we can’t.


It’s time to stop complying. It’s time to stop going along with this madness. We have seen it for the last 18 months – goal posts that are constantly being moved around, just as we get somewhat close to feeling a sense of normalcy again. How do we fight this, everyone is asking…


We stop complying. We stop wearing the masks. We make the vaccine choice that is right for us and if it costs us our job, we fight back with attorneys who will help us enforce our rights that our US Constitution and Washington state constitution afford us.


Protest all you want, that’s fine. Where the rubber meets the road is when you walk, naked faced, into the grocery store and the employee lets you know that you must wear a mask inside the store and you turn and walk out. It’s inconvenient. Maybe you left a cart full of groceries that you need for your family’s dinner tonight. We have to be willing to do the inconvenient things.


The last time we did this “mask mandate” thing, many of us went along with it when pushed to do so because we wanted to be able to do the things – to buy the groceries, eat at the restaurant, see the doctor (!!). This time it is my hope that people from every political affiliation will decide that they are no longer going to go along with this game that has nothing to do with data and everything to do with control.


This is not going to end quickly or quietly and we need to be prepared for the long haul. I know, you’re already exhausted by all of this…me too! There is a constant heaviness I feel these days knowing that things are likely to get worse before they get better. I don’t see that we have a choice, however. If we don’t stand up now, America as we know it, will be gone. The power grabs by elected leaders will continue and they will multiply, have no doubt. The time to stand up is right NOW!


What do we do? Every day people are asking me this…WHAT DO WE DO?! People are scared. I am too. What we do is what we have always done…we live like the FREE Americans that we are. We don’t wear a piece of useless cloth on our face that does nothing to prevent a virus. If we decide that a vaccine is not the choice we want to make then we say no, even if it means we might lose our job. We continue to go to church and worship even when they tell us not to sing. And when the consequences come for living as free Americans, we rally together and support one another with resources – financial, legal, emotional, etc.


We come together, as Americans. Remember that 9/12 feeling? That feeling of being ONE, of being united? We need that right now. We need to come together as Americans and stand together, UNITED with liberty and justice for ALL.