BLM Dreams of #blackxmas

BLM Dreams of #blackxmas

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America

Black Lives Matter Corporation has launched a new holiday campaign aimed at supporting black businesses and communities but feels more like boycotting anything white.

As BLMLA organizer, Jan Williams, reminds us, “Capitalism doesn’t love Black people.” In fact, white-supremacist-capitalism invented policing, initially as chattel-slavery-era “paddy rollers,” in order to protect its interests and put targets on the backs of Black people.”

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Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s BLM wants supporters of its movement to not just support black-owned businesses, but they want supporters to move their banking to black owned banks. They also want you to build new traditions aimed at helping build black businesses. As part of their #BuildBlack agenda they ask you to “Donate to Black-led-Black-serving organizations in the names of your loved ones as holiday gifts and request that they do the same for you.” And their website has a list of approved black organizations to which you should donate.

“Buying Black is the engine of #Blackxmas’s cooperative economics. It is intended to help replenish the Black dollar within local communities, and keep the dollar circulating for much longer than when making purchases at non-Black business.”

As a Christian, it always stands out to me when I see “xmas” in place of Christmas. I personally don’t ever use it and I see it as a secular/commercial symbol. It is not lost on me nor am I surprised to see BLM use “xmas” as they are anything but Christian. They even have some interesting Christmas lyrics available on their website.