An Unlikely Choice

An Unlikely Choice

As you may very well know, I have never in my 46 years of life been involved in politics. For most of my adult life, I was totally oblivious to what was going on. Obama made some bad policies? I wouldn’t have known any different. I didn’t watch news. I didn’t care. If it came across my social media feed, I scrolled right on by.


I voted for the first time at age 29, in 2004, because my boss basically made me. So I checked the Rossi box and the Kerry box. (Don’t ask.) Ticked off that my vote didn’t seem to count, I didn’t vote again until Trump came along. What was also influential in my decision to vote again was that I had become saved in 2014, baptized on Easter of 2015 and became a member at Cedar Park Church later in 2015 where you agree that, as a member,  you will vote in elections and where Pastor Emeritus, Joe Fuiten, made very clear that it was our duty as Christians to vote.


I didn’t know what I was doing, so I used his Pastors Picks website to fill out my ballot (because I only knew I was voting for Trump). And that was the beginning for me. I realized I couldn’t afford NOT to care about what was going on in our government. I realized in that 2016 election year that the people on the left wanted to destroy almost all of the things that I cared about as an American, as a mother and as a new Christian.


When I started my “little Facebook group” in November of 2019, I never imagined what God would do with it. Most days I marvel at the way HE is moving in my life and in Conservative Ladies of America. I see how He wants to use CLW as more than a Facebook group – I see He wants to do BIG things for His glory…and it’s pretty crazy. If anyone is unqualified for this job, it would be me. Isn’t that what’s crazy about God…He uses the people we would never expect and He makes a way for His plans to work.


Every day I am blown away by the people that God has brought into my life and into the fold of CLW. I’m reminded constantly that while “I can’t, God can!” I feel amazed as I watch Him work through this organization.


I wish I could tell you what the roadmap looks like, but right now that is all still coming together…quickly, I might add. What I can tell you is that God has a direction for this group beyond my wildest dreams and I am 100% committed to following His lead and being obedient to what He asks of me. I am excited to report that over the last couple weeks I have had several people come on board to help form the mission and work of CLW so that we can really make an impact in Washington state and beyond!


I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before…”we’re not just going to be keyboard warriors, we’re gonna DO STUFF!” We are going to BE THE CHANGE. Don’t worry, we will always be an organization built on COMMUNITY and RELATIONSHIP and we will continue to provide ample opportunities to foster that mission. Our foundation of community and relationship is what empowers us to rise up, as a group, in strength to create change.


We have one week left to join CLW as a Founding Member. I hope you will take the opportunity to be part of the beginning of this movement. The Founder’s Club annual dues will never exceed $99/year (so long as you maintain your membership). Beginning March 1, annual dues will be $125 and will be subject to annual escalation – so get in now! Plus we have some cool perks just for you for being part of our Founding!

VIP Membership – Conservative Ladies of America


I am honored and humbled and excited (all the “feels”) to be leading Conservative Ladies of America. I feel like I’m just God’s puppet, awaiting his next move…and I LOVE it! We will have lots of opportunities for you to get involved in the days and weeks to come – so stay tuned!


Thank you for your support of me, personally and of the mission of Conservative Ladies of America. We are such a unique and diverse group of ladies and yet we are united in our love of this country and willingness to fight for her survival.


Let’s do this!


Julie Barrett,

Founder, Conservative Ladies of America

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