America, the Promised Land

America, the Promised Land

By Debbi Anderson,  Education Lead, Conservative Ladies of America


The town of Bidenville was tucked in a beautiful field of amber waves of grain.  To the north, the purple mountain majesties rose, soaring to the beautiful spacious skies.  To the south the fruited plain beckoned all to come and taste its sustenance.  Everyone came from near and far, wanting to run free in the waves and breathe in the fresh smell of growth, righteousness, and constitutional living.


For centuries, the beautiful town was known as Republic.  Not much disturbed the people of Republic.  Sure, they would have minor disagreements with each other, but they worked out and the bad people were weeded out and sent to live elsewhere, where they would be fed, clothed and forever taken care of but not in the custom they were familiar with.


One day, there was an uprising of the Foolish Ones.  They wanted more.  They weren’t satisfied with letting the residents have freedoms.  The FO’s felt it was important that only a few should have that ability.  So, they tricked the nice people of Republic and said, “We are the winners and you have lost.  Republic is now known as Bidenville.  We will change it so it will be more beautiful.  You will see we are right, and if you don’t, you will be asked to leave our town.”


The people from Republic were not strong enough to push off the Bidens.  They were used to not speaking up, to being peacemakers, and choosing to be miraculously heard as a silent majority.  Some cowered in their new homes in the mountains.  They pulled their families tight around them and said, “Someone else will take care of it.”  Others pulled tight into their community groups where they could sing, teach, and worship together.  Others said, “Hey this isn’t so bad.  My kids are still educated, I still have some freedoms.  I don’t like this, but I can do it.”


The mayor of Bidenville, Jinny Ping, would not be satisfied until full agreement was reached and he was praised as the greatest Mayor ever!  He would not accept halfheartedness.  He knew who his greatest rival was and knew what he needed to do.  First, he released the bad people that had been sent away.  They were able to return and start their rampage again.  He forced the scientists to make a bad virus that had the potential of killing some people, especially the wise older ones.  To make sure there was suitable fear of the virus, Ping set up stations of fear.  He called for his writers and said, “Write to scare the people of Republic.  Tell them there is no hope and they must separate from each other.”  He bribed some of the people from Republic so they would support his plan of separating and isolating everyone.  He knew divided, the Republic would fall.  The meeting groups were forced to stop meeting.  Schools were closed.  Businesses were closed.  Everyone cried to the mayor, “Help us!”


Jinny Ping responded, “Of course.  I will give you everything you need.  I’m sorry you had to find out that you cannot count on yourself or your own people to help you.  That’s too bad.  But I’m sticking around and not going anywhere.  Trust me.”  And some of the people did.  And some of the people didn’t.  They left Bidenville, climbed the majestic mountains, and lived up on the peaks, trying to find a way to support themselves.


For 100 days and nights, the Bidenville residents took over the homes.  If the Republic people didn’t move out fast enough, appointed and numbered gangs would do violence against them and would force them out of their homes by fire, crime, intimidation, and mob.  Mr. and Mrs. Covid and their children Vaxx and Mask, moved into the beautiful white house on the lane.  Ed Perversion moved into his home with the assistance of his Board of members.  Cee Arty and her partner of unknown orientation, were tasked with the mission of writing a new code for parents that removed the children at age 13 from their care and set up a new school curriculum that would teach the children the Bidenville rules.


Every day, new rules would be made.  Outslee, the town crier, would yell out the new rules to the people.  Word of the new rules would continually make it up the mountains to the Republicans.  They were getting angrier and angrier.  70 million of them could not be silenced and they decided it was time to act.  12 Republicans were pulled together and were tasked with the job of going back to Republic and see if there were any weaknesses that the 70 million could overcome.


Ten of the spies came back and sadly gave their report, “The people of Bidenville are Giants!  You should see the Covid kids.  Ten feet tall and they’re still growing.  It’s awful.  We must surrender to them before they overtake us.”  Two of the spies came back and were stunned by the other report.  “Yes, it is bad there, BUT it is nothing we cannot overcome.  It is still a land of milk and honey.  It is still beautiful.  Look at the fruit they are carrying.  It’s still there!  Our fathers of old were promised this land, and a contract was made and signed.  We just need to stand up and fight.  We need to be a band of brothers, 70 million strong.  They will fear us.  They will fear the one who sent us.  Their evil plans and deeds will not survive.”


I’ll let you fill in the end of the story.  As you may have guessed, I have taken scripture out of context a bit.  The land of Canaan was before the people of God.  It was their promised land.    Moses is leading the Israelites back to Canaan where evil people have moved in and conquered.  Moses sent out 12 spies to find out how many people lived there and how strong they were.  The spies came back, with their arms full of fruit from the land, but ten were full of fear and said, “The people who live there now are big and strong.  We will be killed if we try to take the land.”


The Israelites were afraid and decided it would be better for them to stay in Egypt and die there.  They even wanted to get rid of Moses so they would have a leader who was afraid like them.  But two of the spies, Joshua and Caleb, retorted, “Don’t be afraid!!!  God is with us.  In fact, it will be easy to take the land.”


Unfortunately, this is where a decision needs to be made by us.  The pilgrims came to this land because they were obedient to God.  The founding fathers wrote a Constitution making a commitment that this land would be God’s land and the people would follow His law.  Will we be like the Israelites who wanted Joshua and Caleb killed for their favorable report.  For this fear, God forced the Israelites to roam in the desert for 40 more years.  I don’t want that for me.  I refuse to live in fear.  I refuse to remain silent.  I refuse to be masked.  I refuse to let innocent children be indoctrinated against their parents.  I refuse to close my business.  I refuse to bow down to any man or woman.  My pronouns will always be she and her.  I will always identify myself as God made me, a woman.  Yes, it’s a bit out of context but it spoke to me.


In the election coming up, I will choose to vote for those who say, “Yes, it’s bad BUT…”  We will win, we will get America back.  I will encourage those who say, “I’m scared, BUT…”  I will use my voice, I will do what I can.


40 years?  Or now?