The Hill I Will Die On

The Hill I Will Die On

“Is that really the hill you want to die on?”

This is a common response from people on the right and on the left whenever a person takes a strong position on a given issue. Quite frankly, there are several hills I would be willing to die on these days. There are many issues where I feel we cannot compromise, and we must hold fast. But if I had to pick just ONE hill to die on, this is the one: protecting children from woke ideology and radical left indoctrination.

The best way to visualize this issue is as tree roots – what we see on the surface has many roots beneath the surface. There are so many facets of ideology and indoctrination going on – I’ll touch on just a few of the biggest ones in this post. If the left can mold children into believing their weird, woke, made-up garbage, they can create a citizenry that is easy to control and manipulate for decades to come.

tree roots

Our children are being taught that “normal” is the least desirable thing to be. Who wants to be a woman…like the biological kind? That’s boring when a person could be a transgender, non-binary, 2-spirit, divine being. Straight…that’s so last decade. If you have children, especially teenagers, you are likely seeing this impact your children. The gender ideology is all over social media, tv, advertising and celebrities are playing a big role in spreading the left’s message on this.

In addition to the gender ideology messaging that is being pushed onto children of all ages, we have Critical Race Theory being taught in our government schools, giving students the message that they are either victim or oppressor depending on the color of their skin, their parent’s income, or their sexual identity.

All this stuff seems so crazy, so absurd, that we are inclined to think it isn’t something we need to be concerned with. That’s the problem: we think it’s so crazy that it will just go away. It won’t. If you’ve been paying attention for the last decade, this indoctrination has incrementally gotten more aggressive and today it’s the norm in schools and even businesses in the United States. Teachers can get in trouble if they don’t oblige the “furries” (students who dress up as animals) that want to sit on the floor and “lick their paws” during PE. Before you know it, employers will have to interview a diverse “furry” candidate before they can fill a job opening.

You think I’m kidding. I’m not.

Just look at The Babylon Bee getting kicked off Twitter for saying that Rachel Levine is a biological male. In many workplaces, employees can get in trouble for not using the desired pronouns of a coworker. Below is a handy guide to pronouns – please keep in mind that there are additions to this list almost daily.

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Our children are being taught to accept this as “normal” and what we view as normal is really just not that interesting anymore. Any parent knows just how impressionable children are and how much children want to fit in with their peers. Is it any surprise then that children who are not gender-confused, will pick an “identity” just so they can fit in? Our children are being taught that fitting in with the “alphabet people” (LGBTQIA2S+ etc ad nauseum) is the trendy thing to do and it’s how to fit in. And to think otherwise is to be non-inclusive and unkind.

In our government indoctrination centers (aka public schools) a large percentage of students are failing in reading, math, and English. Our students are no longer being encouraged to “rise to the challenge”, but, in the name of equity, no student should be allowed greater achievement than another…especially if it’s a white or Asian student. Several schools have recently announced they will remove valedictorian status from graduating classes. They do not want our students striving to achieve success. Why? Because these people tend to be freethinkers who are independent and aren’t the type who tend to be reliant upon government. Free-thinking, independent citizens are not what the left wants to create.

We are called names, we stand to lose jobs and friends, we get “canceled”, if we do not fall in line with whatever the current narrative is being pushed by the radical left. This has scared people who disagree with the radical left into silence because they fear speaking truth will be too costly. Many people think it is noble to be part of the “silent majority.” Friends: this is not noble. Being silent is what has allowed this to happen. Our silence has allowed the fringe left to take over our society. If we don’t buck up and get some courage to speak up, we are going to lose the America we know and love and we will have nothing to leave our children.

Look, I get it, you have other things you’d rather focus on. I was never politically outspoken (or engaged at all…shoot, I didn’t even vote) until Trump got elected. I engaged in the legislative session for the first time ever this year…THIS YEAR!!! And it was incredibly eye-opening for me. The lack of engagement by groups besides the far left was almost non-existent. It’s no wonder we have a governor nearing 800 days of emergency powers! We’re not engaged and the left is using this to ram their agenda through and it is ruining our society and it is going to cost us our children! Maybe you’re late in the game, like me, and you think it’s not your place. It’s not too late and we need every citizen to get in this game and fight to win!

The time for silence is over. We’ve got to speak up. We’ve got to be willing to speak truth in response to the lies of the left. The woman on video at the swim meet that went viral said it best: “I’m not a vet but I know what a dog is.” We need to do this – we need to tell it like it is and stop being afraid of losing friends or getting canceled. The stakes are too high and “playing nice” is only going to allow the left to continue to push their radical agendas into further absurdity.

The indoctrination of our children by the radical left is my hill. I will do anything and everything in my power to protect my children and your children. They are our future.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America