Menstrual Dignity Law Requires Tampons in Boy’s Bathrooms

Menstrual Dignity Law Requires Tampons in Boy’s Bathrooms

Whenever I think of the boy’s bathroom…”Smokin’ in the boy’s room”…starts playing in my head. Well folks, we’ve come a long way from 1973…time for a new song…”Menstruating in the boy’s room.”

Oregon has passed a new law that will put tampon machines in every government school boy’s bathroom, including elementary school. The OR Department of Education has expressly stated that schools must consider “all-gender access” to menstrual products. The code now instructs schools to consider and teach based on the “4 Pillars of Menstrual Dignity,” as part of their health and education justice.

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The toolkit provided by the Department of Education provides schools with guidelines on how to refer to menstruation without referring to gender, further indoctrinating students with their gender ideology and LGBTQ+ agenda. This Menstrual Dignity act is to be pushed into the elementary schools as well – because we need to indoctrinate our children at the youngest age possible when they are most easily manipulated and influenced.

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Beyond the obvious attack on gender, there is also a financial component to this that will cost Oregon taxpayers. Each tampon machine is expected to cost approximately $400 – in each boy’s bathroom, in each government school in the state. That’s thousands of machines. If you know anything about young boys, you can probably imagine how well this will go over in their bathroom. I can imagine the pranks and the messes now. Clogged toilets and sinks, making more work for janitorial staff…again at a cost to the taxpayers.

If you’re thinking about how glad you are that this is happening in Oregon, not Washington, be alert! There is no doubt in my mind that Washington Democrats will quickly follow suit and likely (although I haven’t researched it) have something similar already in the works. We must be prepared to oppose this.

There is no area of human life that the left will not attempt to use to confuse and control our children. This is not just about menstrual products. This is not about “menstrual dignity.” This is another part of the left’s strategy – another attack on God’s design for humanity. Don’t play their woke games. Educate your children in truth.

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America