CALL TO ACTION: Youth Health Care Bill

CALL TO ACTION: Youth Health Care Bill

Last week the Senate passed SB-5883 and this week on Wednesday, February 16th, the House Children, Youth and Families Committee will have a public hearing on SB-5883 (originally scheduled for Friday, 2/18 in a different committee….hmmm). This bill is a direct assault on parental rights and ultimately provides for ANY adult to provide consent to ANY minor. We need all citizens to register their CON position on this bill. This is a direct attack on parental rights and will be disastrous if it passes the House. Click the button below to take action now. Read Senator Padden’s press release on this bill below.

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Spokane Valley Republican Sen. Mike Padden.

“This bill is really about putting parents on the sideline,” said Sen. Mike Padden, R-Spokane Valley. “The bill is so extreme that it apparently has no minimum age limit. Moreover, there is no accountability for the adults who would come between parents and their children, no matter how much damage that interference might cause the child. This is really an unconscionable bill, which the Senate should have rejected.”

Senate Bill 5883, which passed the Senate by a partisan vote of 28-21, would permit an unaccompanied homeless minor to provide informed consent for non-emergency, outpatient, primary health care services. Under the bill, however, there is no requirement that a health-care provider seek documentation that a patient is even an unaccompanied homeless minor at all.

Padden offered an amendment to the bill that would recognize parental rights, while also recognizing and informing health-care officials of information related to the principle of implied emancipation. That principle is also known as the mature minor rule, as articulated in the Washington State Supreme Court case of Smith v. Seibly.

“It is possible to address the underlying concerns expressed by the sponsors of this bill, without taking the extreme actions this bill would take,” said Padden. “The mature minor rule already allows truly emancipated minors the ability to receive the care they need, without shutting out loving parents who want only the best for their child.”

Padden pointed to testimony on the bill from Julie Barrett, with the Conservative Ladies of America, speaking to the Senate Law and Justice Committee earlier this year.

“This bill is a direct attack on parental rights,” Barrett told the committee members. “My daughter was suicidal and taken to Seattle Children’s hospital. She was moved without my consent to a homeless shelter for children for ten days. We were not allowed to communicate with her in any way. They changed her medical records to their address and took us off the records as her parents.

Julie Barrett, testifying before the Senate

“She needed mental health care, which was not provided by the shelter. She was rescued by police officers and is now out of state receiving the care she needs.”

You can read Senator Padden’s full press release on this bill here: Senate approves ‘assault on parental rights,’ says Padden – Mike Padden (