CALL TO ACTION: Another Hearing on a Bill to Limit Emergency Powers

CALL TO ACTION: Another Hearing on a Bill to Limit Emergency Powers


*Must TAKE ACTION before Noon, January 31, 2022

You’re not seeing a repeat, this is A DIFFERENT bill in the House (previous bill is in the Senate) that would automatically end the Governor’s Emergency Powers after 60 days. HB-1772 is scheduled for a hearing on Monday, January 31st at 1:30PM.

HB-1772 is a bipartisan bill sponsored by Democratic representative, Mike Chapman and co-sponsored by many Republicans including Representatives Sutherland, Graham, Kraft, Ybarra. In a statement to Washington Policy Center’s Jason Mercier, Rep Chapman said:

“The reason I co-sponsored HB 1772 is that whether one agrees with the Governor’s emergency powers decisions or not we still need three effective co-equal branches of Government with appropriate checks and balances.”

It’s important that we make our voices heard. Click the TAKE ACTION NOW button below and note your position for the legislative record. Please note your position as “PRO” in the top box, complete the rest of the form and finish by clicking “Submit Registration.” (*Note: you are not registering to testify, you are noting your position in favor of this bill for the legislative record)

*Position: PRO. Complete the rest of the form and click “submit registration”. Click the red button below.

To learn more about HB-1772 click here: Washington State Legislature You can also comment and sign up to receive emails about this bill at this link.

If you would like to testify at Monday’s meeting, please use this link: CSI (

Thank you for taking action!