Another Word about Critical Race Theory

Another Word about Critical Race Theory

*By Debbi Anderson, Conservative Ladies of America Education Lead


Systemic racism, the woke community, cancel culture, vaxxing, white supremacy, going maskless.  We have a new vernacular today.  Sometimes it takes a while to understand what they even mean!  I attended a meeting today by the Manhattan Institute for Policy Research on how to fight Critical Race Theory.  It was pretty good.

First, I want to make sure we are all aware of what this Critical Race Theory is.  There are so many well-done articles on it, but they are quite lengthy.  Here’s a condensed version.

CRT actually has its roots in Marxism.  As a direct result of class conflict, Marxism encouraged the masses to revolt.  It led to brutalities in Soviet Union, Cambodia and Cuba.  It would have taken root in America in the 1960’s had we not just promoted the Civil Rights Movement.  We stopped it then with our own promise of freedom and equality under the law.

Fifty years later, a more perverted Critical Theory arrived in America and it’s taking root this time.  It’s hit our schools, our government agencies, businesses.  Its true ideas are hidden under good words like “equity” and “fairness.”  In truth, it is the opposite of equality.  It is focused not on equal opportunity but on equal outcome.  It is a campaign to erase merit.  If all cannot be talented and highly educated, then it’s only equitable that all fall to the lowest common denominator.  No more gifted or talented programs in schools.  AP classes are an insult to some just because of the color of their skin.

Diversity and inclusion can only be achieved, per the CRT, through the suspension of private property rights, seizing wealth and land and redistributing it along racial lines (Socialism?), the end of individual rights, equality, federalism, and freedom of speech.

I’m the Education Lead for Conservative Ladies of America, so I like to focus on education.  What does CRT mean to our education system?  It means that young children, seven and eight, must rid themselves of any concept of their identity as a boy or girl, and they must learn to be blind to the color of their skin and the culture of their family.  They must understand their unconscious ranking of their own power and privilege.  I’m sure an eight year can grasp this concept, right?  If you are a white American, you are an oppressor.  If you deny it, you are a white supremacist.  You must celebrate diversity by embracing Black Lives Matter, celebrate their achievements in history and ignoring any white achievement.  Malcolm X, Angela Davis, the Black Panthers.  Their achievements need to be marked as crucial.  George Washington as a first president?  That can’t be true because he wasn’t voted for fairly.  America’s start was in the 1600’s when the first slave came.  It has nothing to do with the fight for our independence.  I’m sure many of you have seen the movie, Back to the Future.  History started re-inventing itself when the key character went back in time and made changes.  He started disappearing because he was never born if the history remained changed.  Comical?  Yes…in the movie.  Not so in real life when you realize that’s what’s happening.  Thomas Jefferson owned slaves.  He needs to disappear.  Our Founding Fathers who set up the Constitution were invalid.  They were white supremacists and, therefore, the Constitution never existed.  It was fraudulent.  The Constitution needs to disappear as if it never existed.

There has always been resistance to Critical Race Theory.  State legislatures would ban it because it was demeaning people on basis of race.  It would be fought based on the First Amendment, 14th Amendment and the Civil Rights Act.  President Trump did an executive order to ban it (Biden rescinded that on his first day in office).  Despite the resistance, it has taken root and grown into a law under the new administration.

Why didn’t our resistance work?  Imprimis said we were too fearful of being hurt, mobbed, fired or killed; we couldn’t stand up to the other sides dishonesties and their refusal to listen to us because of our white fragility and internalized white supremacy.  So, what do we do?  Well, in short, we keep fighting.

Here’s what the Manhattan Institute said we need to do.  There are a lot of states that have achieved success in their fight (Texas, Nevada, Arizona).  School boards have been ousted.  Critical Race Theory has been banned completely in some districts and even in some states.

  1. Start where you’re at as an individual. Find out everything you can.    Know your rights.  Know the Constitution.
  2. Then share. Share wherever you can.  Share your experiences.  Share your research.  Share other things you have heard.
  3. Then respond. Get next to others who have shared.  Encourage them, exchange stories, broaden the circle of sharing, bring others into the loop.  Respond to the issues at stake.  When given a chance to let your voice be known, DO IT.  Have the motto, “They need to hear from me.”
  4. Don’t try to do it on your own. You are strong, powerful and incredible as an individual.  You have superpowers when you are with others.
  5. Don’t limit your involvement to just your area. If you don’t have any kids in school, then fight for your neighbor’s kids, fight for all the kids.
  6. There is power in questions. Ask the hard questions and insist you are answered.  Know the law.  Their answers can often be as invalid as “because I said so.”  Don’t let them get away with stock answers.  Don’t let them force you to back down when they call you a white supremacist or a racist.  They are blowing smoke.  Stand up to it!

Here’s what I say we need to do:

  1. Have an attitude of hope. Be positive you can make a difference.  Be confident it is not over and each victorious battle (and there are many happening) is moving us toward a triumph of good over evil.
  2. Pray without ceasing. This is ultimately God’s battle.  He is in it with us.   Acknowledge that.


“Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”  Isaiah 41:10

“Be strong and courageous. Do not fear or be in dread of them, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. He will not leave you or forsake you.”  Deuteronomy 31:6