An Act of Rebellion: Being a Lady

An Act of Rebellion: Being a Lady

A year and a half ago I created a Facebook group for my friends and me – a place where we would network together, have a safe place to voice our opinions and values and mostly, make friends and arrange to get together in person. When I named the group, I chose to call it “Conservative Ladies of America.” I did not choose the term “ladies” by happenstance or because I just thought it rolled off the tongue nicely. I chose the word “lady” quite intentionally.


With the massive movement to erase women (and men, for that matter), I feel very strongly that it is important for us as women to embrace what makes us unique and special. Being a lady to me is different than being a female. Female is what you are born with, being lady is something we choose and now more than ever before, our culture is telling us it’s a bad thing to be a lady (and its happening on the other side too. It’s equally bad to be a man, even worse, a gentleman). I have 3 daughters and it is important to me that I model for them and teach them what a gift it is to fully embrace the way God created them.


So what is a “lady” in my definition? Because you know that’s how it works, right? We all have our own truth. This is “my truth”. (I kid…but a term like “lady” does leave room for some individual interpretation…especially now that men can also be ladies) To me, a lady is a woman who carries herself with class and dignity. It has nothing to do with how much money she has or how much education she has. She is respectful of others and treats people with kindness, even if she doesn’t agree or share their values. A lady is confident and dignified. She doesn’t mistreat others and also does not allow others to mistreat her. She knows when to walk away and does so with her head held high. A lady is authentic and inspires other women around her. She isn’t petty and she knows that women need other women and are stronger in relationships with one another.


Our tag line since day one has been “Keep it Classy.” For me, that means, don’t lower your standards for someone else. In our current social climate, it’s important for us to take the high road. We need to have respectful debates that don’t sacrifice our character. Sometimes that means realizing we are in a “no win” situation and the best thing we can do is walk away.


A lady has strength and perseverance and she is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in. We are in a time when this is more important than ever before. As mothers, grandmothers, sisters, aunts, role models for young ladies, we must show grace through strength and not be afraid of taking on the battle we face today.


Being a lady doesn’t really have anything to do with the clothing you wear. You don’t have to wear expensive clothes to be a lady. But you can tell how a woman feels about herself by the clothes she wears and a lady typically will dress in a way that shows she respects herself. Every time I saw our First Lady, Melania Trump, she encompassed everything I think of when I think of the word “lady”. Granted, she has an unlimited clothing budget so her outfits were always ah-mazing! It was more than her clothing – the way she carries herself, the way she walks, the way she speaks. Melania is a lady who had the mob on her back all the time, but when you saw her, she never showed it. A lady is resilient and Melania is a perfect example of that.


Make no mistake, the left is out to destroy us as women. Just using the term “lady” I’m sure is offensive and bigoted to them somehow. This should strengthen our resolve to embrace our womanhood and lean into being a lady. Being a lady is a powerful thing, no doubt that’s why they want to ruin it and make us feel guilty. You’ve no doubt seen the ads on social media for women’s products  (period underwear, fake lashes, makeup) where the model is not a woman but a transgender. Women can’t even model for products that, in the past, were primarily marketed to individuals born with a vagina (aka females).


Let’s face it, being a lady is an act of rebellion. We need women who are not afraid to be the strong, fearless ladies our families and our country need right now. I believe that as ladies we will also be able to empower our men to stand tall and strong and be the head of our families, the backbone of our country…just as God intended.


It is our goal to create a movement of Conservative Ladies all across America who are ready to rise up and save this great nation. We’re off to a real strong start! Join us and be part of the movement!


Keep it classy,

Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America