2021: The Worst Legislative Session In Recent History

2021: The Worst Legislative Session In Recent History

*By Laurel Christiansen, CLW Founding Member & Contributing Writer


The democrats control the Governorship, State House and Senate. So, this year they passed their ultra liberal, anti-family, anti-safety, tax-raising agenda.


A Washington State Senator told me this is the worst legislative session he has ever seen and the most radically left democrats have ever gone with the bills they proposed and passed. They did that as we are starting to recover from the  pandemic and last summers riots in Seattle are still fresh on our minds. Many businesses are closed for good, people have lost loved-ones, lost jobs, drug use, depression, and suicide are at epidemic proportions, especially among our youth. Crime is steadily increasing along with illegal drug sales.


Democrat’s have begun to recognize that voters don’t support eliminating our police by cutting their funding as we all watch the ramifications from defunding the Seattle Police Department. The City of Seattle Police Force is down over 270 officers (Rantz: Seattle Police exodus worsens, 270 out since ’20, with 100 more ‘unavailable’ (mynorthwest.com) and Washington State ranks 49th in the number of police officers per capita in the United States, but this doesn’t mean Democrats are stopping their plan to eliminate law enforcement. They are using other means, including the legislation they pass.


Taking effect Sunday, July 25, is Bill 1310 passed almost unanimously by the Democrats in the State House with no Republican support, and a majority of Democrats in the State Senate. This bill ties the hands of our officers, and makes their job of protecting us more difficult (House Bill 1310 – Use of Force – Conservative Ladies of America ). In another bill they passed made it illegal for officers to arrest people for possession of illegal drugs when pulled over for a driving violation. A Republican Senator stood in opposition to that bill on the floor of the State Senate, and gave an impassioned speech against it. He related how just days before his beloved nephew had been found dead from an overdose. He then looked them in the eyes and told them that this bill was going to kill people. Another conservative State Senator told me, “They never mention stopping the flow of illegal drugs to our state and punishing those who traffic in them.” All the while drug cartels in Mexico continue to target Washington State for expansion (Jason Rantz: Border crisis and legalizing drugs – perfect storm slams Seattle, Portland … your town next? – USA TODAY SUN).


A Councilman related how a radical group of local Democrat activists are continuing to push the Democrat Council members to defund the police in our county. So far this year they haven’t succeeded but this is an election year—wait until next year or right before Christmas when they try to push things through when no one is paying attention.


Democrats are tying the hands of our most trusted line of defense and aiding drug dealers and criminals.  We know that they are set on destroying parental rights through our public schools. Plus, they passed dozens and dozens of tax increases further hurting those trying desperately to get back on their feet. Many of these radicals legislators get their start in local elections and hide their real agenda when it is election time. We need to hold them accountable and get the word out on the laws they pass each year, the radical organizations they belong to, and who financially supports them. That begins with voting.


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