What You Need to Know When Casting Your Ballot

What You Need to Know When Casting Your Ballot

*By Laurel Christiansen

I just finished my Voting Picks for the 2021 General Election for Snohomish County. This is the first time I covered the entire County. Laurel’s Picks – Snohomish County – Conservative Ladies of America

Off-year local elections are full of new candidates and it is difficult to know who is the best choice. These jobs are important and many of the people elected use them as stepping stones for advancing up the political ladder. Those running should truly care about the duties and goals of the office they are running for, the results of their actions when elected, and the impact on our community. I’ve tried to find those people.

You’ll notice there are many candidates who list endorsements from State Representatives and office holders from their party, mostly Democrats, as a reason they deserve your vote. So, here is what those people passed just this year and what the people they endorse also support:

The Democrat House and Senate almost unanimously passed over 35 tax increases, including mandatory long-term care insurance( whether you want it or not), a State Income Tax (7 Percent Capital Gains Tax) which is just the start to taxing income in Washington State, and many more. I hear this is just the beginning of the taxes they want to inflict on all of us and more is coming next year.

They passed a dozen bills purposely tying the hands of our police and making it easier for criminals to rob, steal, and harm citizens. Crime is up as a result and our police are demoralized and resigning. In Snohomish County, the County Council cut funding for our Sheriff’s office by 3 percent in 2020. This proved to be unpopular. So, this year the State Legislature did the dirty work and it has impacted our entire State. I’m told that there are several groups that put constant pressure on the Democrat County Councilmembers to further defund police and these groups are not letting up. Some of the candidates running for office on this year’s ballot support these groups.  

They legalized hard drugs, such a heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, etc. for individuals to carry.  These elected Democrats never talk about stopping those who sell these drugs or how they get the drugs into our state.  Illegal drugs sales, drug deaths, overdoses, and suicides are at epidemic levels in Washington State and we are a target for Mexican drug cartels because of the lax drug laws passed with 99 percent of Democrat votes without any Republicans.

They are forcing wage earners to purchase State-run, long-term care insurance that will give very little care if needed. If you move to another state, or you die, or you work in Washington and live in Oregon, you will pay in but never get your money nor will your survivors. This law wasn’t passed for the good of the people—you can buy your own coverage for much cheaper on the open market and you will get the benefits—instead of the State. Don’t be fooled, this is a slush fund for democrats. In January, 2022, a tax passed this year to increase the funds for Family Leave will take effect; coupled with the long-term care tax there will be a new tax totaling 1 percent taken from every wage earner’s paycheck. This is just the starting point—these taxes will be increased way beyond what they are today. Washington State started out with a small gas tax years ago; today we are the fourth highest in the nation with 49.4 cents a gallon. Democrats are dreaming about how much they can make off more income taxes on your home, your car, your retirement,  your stock sales, and your death. They say they only want the rich to pay their fair share but the average person is always their real target.

I make my picks in several ways. I personally know a number of the people elected or running this time. I’m looking for a conservative candidate who truly cares about the job, has knowledge of what it will take to do a good job, and a selfless focus on what is best for their constituents. Then I talk to people involved in politics whom I respect and who know the candidates who are running on both sides. If there are not good candidates in a race; I don’t make an endorsement. Sometimes I choose one that is a lesser of two evils and the negative impact will be less. Sometimes there are great people who put themselves out there and I get excited over those people—Sam Low is one of them; Nate Nehring is another. I love when my sources rave about a candidate; it makes you feel good about the world and we need a lot more of these people.

Voting in this election is the start to doing something positive; it will impact all of us, our children, our grandchildren for years to come. I hope my pick’s inspires you to believe we can still make a difference. Please pass the list on to everyone you know and challenge them to make a difference, too. Then, say a pray for those who have stepped forward; ask God to bless their effort and help us all.

Love and Blessings,


Laurel’s Picks – Snohomish County – Conservative Ladies of America