Washington’s Gender Inclusive Schools are Exclusive of Parents

Washington’s Gender Inclusive Schools are Exclusive of Parents

The Daily Wire recently published an article, Washington State Tells Teachers to Hide Student Transitions from Parents, detailing the “gender inclusive schools” guidelines from OSPI (Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction). As many parents have learned over the course of the last two years, the government schools in Washington state are less concerned with educating our students and preparing them for success after high school as they are indoctrinating them with leftist ideology, including gender diversity, critical race theory and comprehensive sex ed (CSE).

What is most troubling about the “gender inclusive schools” is that it specifically advises teachers not to involve parents if the “transitioning” student feels that their parents will not be accepting. Parents, according to these guidelines, will not even be given an opportunity to be part of the discussion if their child deems them unapproving. (*I recall being a preteen and teen and often made assumptions about how angry my parents my get about my choices – many of my assumptions were incorrect.) As the schools push gender diversity training and CSE into the classrooms of even our youngest students, this presents an opportunity for adults to groom children. Below is the OSPI guidelines for Communicating with Families:

Screenshot 2022 02 26 154211

An employee in Spokane Public Schools was appalled that this was happening in their district and sent us a 4-page document that included specific instructions for communicating with parents. See below:

Screenshot 2022 02 26 153616

You may find it shocking to know that this document is originally dated, 2015, with updates in 2020.

Screenshot 2022 02 26 153824

This indoctrination has been coming into our government schools in Washington for decades. Many parents woke up to this in 2020 when classrooms came into our living rooms and they were appalled and furious. And rightfully so. Sadly, over the decades, while we weren’t looking, the left has been baby-stepping these policies into our schools and here we are.

We know that there are many teachers who do not agree with this and would like to see the schools focus on education and academics. In Washington state, 70% of students failed the state math test and 52% failed the English test. Public schools are failing our students and they are pushing out teachers who truly love to teach and love education.

2022 is an election year. It’s time for parents to take back their power. This means we need to flip seats in our state legislature and change the people who are creating laws in our state. This Democrat run legislature is FAILING our children and FAILING our families. Enough!

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America