The Mama Bear Movement and the Sweet Taste of Victory for our Children

The Mama Bear Movement and the Sweet Taste of Victory for our Children

*By Mary Salamon, Conservative Ladies of America Church Liaison

Have you heard the news? More like, did you hear the roar of the mama bears in Virginia? This week in the nation the Mama Bear Movement shook the political world. Many of their opponents are calling the Mama Bears racists for coming out against CRT and perverted sex education policies that are harming their children. If you read my articles, I warned that people who come after a mother’s child will regret it. The school boards came between parents and their children. The government in many states is trying to dismantle the family and strip parents of their rightful authority.

It will never work and here’s why. God is our supreme authority. He gave children as gifts and a reward to parents. Parents are commanded to train their children, not the schools. When a government official tells a parent they have no rights to their children’s education, they are mocking God’s Word. The government official and school boards are out of bounds. They think they can cross over into God-given authority. They are deceived. The only power that they have is the power parents give them.                         

The only power that the government has is the power parents give them.                         

Why did the Mama Bear Movement grow and expand to such power and strength? Was it due to racism? Was it because mothers don’t get the sexual revolution of the latest fad in gender pronouns? Was it because they idolize Trump? What brought the Mama Bear out of her cave? The answer is so pure and profound- love. Love, the deep abiding love for her children and family brought the roar of the Mama Bears. A mother’s love can be compared to the love of God. Look at what our Lord and Savior did for us? He came down from heaven to fight Satan and all his demons and overcome sin for us. He suffered and died. In doing that, He conquered sin and death. He did this all for love because He loves his children and didn’t want to lose them to darkness. The love of a father and mother knows no bounds. They will fight till the very end for the lives of their children. This is Christ’s love in them and love never fails. 

                                                                                                                                                                                         1Corinthians 13, Love never gives up, never loses faith, is always hopeful, and endures through every circumstance. (NLT) The roar Virginia heard was not an angry, racist roar. It was the roar of the greatest gift of all eternity- Love.