Taking Back the Republican Party Precinct by Precinct

Taking Back the Republican Party Precinct by Precinct

Washington state currently has a need for more than 1800 GOP PCOs (Precinct Committee Officers)

Precinct committeemen are today’s political Minutemen.  Can you at least give this a try?  I guarantee you’ll find the experience very interesting and rewarding and you’ll meet a lot of interesting Republicans. And take along with you every conservative you know.  Precinct committeemen are the “elite” of the political parties – parties do not exist without them and fewer than one in one hundred political party members can be a voting member of the party.  ~David Schultz – The Precinct Project Blog

Becoming a PCO is a small, but significant way that we can get involved on a local level to create change in our party and our government. One of the major challenges for the Republican party is a lack of involvement by the people. Let’s change that!

Check out this video tutorial Dan Schultz did with Steve Bannon on WarRoom Pandemic last week.

If you’re ready to sign up or at least learn more, please visit the Washington State Republican Party website today and fill out the sign up form so you can at least get the ball rolling. Become a PCO! – WSRP
This is a game the Democrats are very good at. It’s time for us to step up and start playing. We do not have the luxury of NOT getting involved.
Want to learn more or chat with someone from our team? EMAIL us today! julie@conservativeladiesofwa.com