SEL Week in American Schools

SEL Week in American Schools

This week is CASEL’s (Collaborative for Academic Social and Emotional Learning) SEL week which will culminate with #SELDay on Friday, March 8th. This week is designed to bring more promotion (money) and implementation of SEL in public (and many private) schools.

Well, what is SEL and why should you care? Let’s take a quick look. Click on the hyperlinks provided if you’d like to dig deeper into these topics.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is the “operating system”, the trojan horse, for all of the indoctrination we are seeing in the American education system today: CRT (critical race theory), CSE (comprehensive sexuality education), Queer Theory, etc.

  • SEL is in ALL 50 states: Yes, even the “red states.”
    • SEL seeks to TRANSFORM a child’s perception of their identity using the “intersectionality” framework.SEL shapes a child’s decision making around their identities.SEL allows government schools to data mine your child to develop a social credit system. (All of those surveys students are taking in schools is a very strategic data mining effort – you can and you should opt out!)
    • SEL is designed to teach children that America is “systemically inequitable” and the need to identify people and groups of people that our society has “underserved”

The creators and advocates of SEL make it sound very pretty, like something parents would want for their children, thereby making it difficult to push back. However, the objective is to indoctrinate your children, weaponizing their high level of empathy.


In looking at the CASEL Wheel, it should be apparent right away that “Homes and Families” are the very outer layer of the wheel with SEL at the core of the child’s life. It’s completely backwards. The core of a child’s life should be their home and their family, NOT SEL.


SEL is designed to deconstruct not just your family, but our society as a whole.

“We imagine communities in which all young people—across race, ethnicity, family income levels, learning abilities, home language, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, and other factors—have the skills, relationships, and environments to thrive. 

This is social and emotional learning. 

We want a society that reduces inequities, ensures domestic tranquility, and establishes justice where every member is secure in the blessings of liberty.”  Transformative Social and Emotional Learning (

SEL shapes a child’s decision making around their identity. It uses a variety of different “wheels” for students to find their identities and determine if they are among the oppressed or if they are the oppressor. In looking at the wheels, it’s pretty clear that being a “straight, white kid from a financially comfortable home” is not a desirable place to be – those kids are the privileged oppressors.

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We also see Queer Theory (gender identity, sexuality) embedded into every aspect of SEL, which teaches children that gender is a spectrum and that it is something “assigned” at birth but that it is ultimately their choice to decide what gender or sexuality they want to be.

The education system has recruited activist teachers who will fully embrace and implement SEL into their classrooms and their engagement with students. There is no subject that is off limits to SEL.

Brandie Wade writes about a “Camp” of Mathematical Queeries she has created:

“Something about mathematics is failing to instill a sense of belonging that draws 2SLGBTQIA+ students to and keeps them in the field. How can we cultivate mathematical spaces where 2SLGBTQIA+ students feel affirmed in their queer identity and thrive personally and mathematically?”

queer math

Is it any wonder that we have students who are confused and in a constant state of trauma and crisis?

In 2016 the CDC came out with a report that 1 in 6 kids between ages 2 and 8 had a mental health diagnosis. This report coincides with the huge push for SEL in every aspect of public education. Mental health and “therapy” are a big component of the entire SEL model which is broadly applied to all students. As a result, many of them identify with some sort of mental health diagnosis. There is no doubt that SEL is making children more depressed, anxious, and contributing to the mental health crisis in our youth today.

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Most parents are either unaware or do not have a full understanding of the problems SEL is creating in children today. Over the last few decades, it has slowly, but steadily, been incorporated into literally every aspect of education. Why are student test scores so low? More time is spent on the indoctrination by SEL than on academic achievement. Students are being advanced to the next grade level without being competent in core subjects such as reading, writing, math and science.

There is a well-funded effort to create policy at a state level in every state to advance SEL in the education system. It is a long and massive effort to undo the “progress” of SEL. The answer is unpopular, but I believe, very necessary to save future generations of Americans: HOMESCHOOL.

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