School Board Meetings: Where the Battle Begins

School Board Meetings: Where the Battle Begins

*By Leah Anaya, CLW Member & Contributing Writer


Last year, I pulled my oldest son from my local public school. I had already declined to send my middle child there (she’s a girl and I was less-than enthused to send her to a school where boys and girls, men and women could all go into the same bathroom at the same time). This year, all three of my children are of age to attend my local public schools, but my husband and I have elected to continue to homeschool rather than send them to the place that benefits so greatly from our ridiculously high property taxes.


How did we get here?


Like many families, it was mainly the masks. Yes, I’m one of those people; the ones who refuse to keep their children’s faces behind a disgusting, germ-ridden mask all day to prevent them from possibly contracting a virus that may or may not be passed on to someone who can actually get sick from it. I prefer them to breathe in fresh air and to allow their bodies to work as God designed them by building their immune system (I knew there was a reason to believe in and encourage the “5 Second Rule”).


This coming year, the King of my state has already announced, the children will once again be required to cover their faces for the entire day. The absurdity of this can’t be contained in just this little article but if you haven’t scoffed at my comments up until now, I’m guessing you’re right there with me and I don’t have to explain it to you.


More than just the masks, though, is the blatant indoctrination of our children taking place behind the naively trusted doors of our public school (and even some private school!) classrooms. Critical Race Theory (CRT- now more cleverly disguised by words such as “diversity” and “equity”) is threatening a complete takeover in said classrooms. A teaching that tells our white kids that they have centuries of crimes and evil deeds to feel guilty for, while telling our black kids that they need a boost from a white person or they won’t get anywhere in life is engraining itself into curricula more and more every year.


Why teach our children that they are all fearfully and wonderfully (and equally) made and that they can accomplish anything they put their minds to and work hard for when we can divide the entire nation in hatred and create a sub-race of pseudo-slaves at the same time?


Then, of course, we have Comprehensive Sex Education (CSE) that is popping up all over the nation. CSE was allegedly passed in my state last November, forcing school boards around the state to sift through and choose from a myriad of pornographic, inappropriate material that can’t even be discussed on the House floor without it being censored on TV (seriously!). Teaching kindergartners that they can choose their gender (from something like 84 genders, last I checked), teaching elementary school children that choosing their sexual partners is akin to choosing the toppings on a pizza (YES, that’s an actual lesson in one curriculum!), teaching middle schoolers how to use condoms by watching cartoon pornography while telling them that they can get birth control and abortions without talking to their parents, teaching high schoolers that pedophilia isn’t disgusting and a crime but a healthy choice in sexual partners…how are these things ok?


When did this happen?


While I’ve been reading up and studying when/how/why we have come to where we are, I don’t have a definitive answer. What I do know, however, is this: IT MUST STOP.


We MUST stand up for our children!


The best place to start with this is at the local level- at the school board meetings. I’m the first person to admit that this is an intimidating thing. You can write letters to your Congresspeople, to the President, to the Education Committee at the federal level, and no one you know will be the wiser. But these local meetings are different. In these local meetings, you’ll likely be surrounded by people you know. Parents from your kids’ soccer teams. Parents you’ve volunteered with at the book fair. Parents you see every day at drop off, and then again at pick up.


It’s hard, mamas! But it’s so, so necessary. The school board members are largely the ones who have the power to determine what they’ll allow to be taught in the classrooms. They approve the curricula; they approve the textbooks.


They are the ones who need to hear you say no…no to masks. No to CRT. No to CSE. No to transgender bathrooms and locker rooms. Because not everyone has the luxury of being able to pull their kids from public schools, and really they shouldn’t have to be forced to!


I guarantee you’re not the only one in your district feeling this way. In fact, depending on where you live, it’s very possible that your line of thinking is in the majority. But the people that need to hear it (the school board) won’t know that if you don’t stand up and tell them!


The time, sweet mamas, to say no is now. We have seen the indoctrination slowly creeping into so many schools around the nation for decades, but it’s not slow anymore. It’s quick, it’s deliberate, and it’s right there in the open.


It’s waiting patiently for the opportunity to completely takeover our children.


And our children are waiting for you to fight against it.