Rittenhouse Trial & The Mainstream Narrative

Rittenhouse Trial & The Mainstream Narrative

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America

If you weren’t convinced of the media’s agenda to drive their leftist agenda and gaslight the American people, what we’re watching this week should leave you no doubt.

As the Kyle Rittenhouse murder trial has unfolded this week we have seen first-hand and how complicit the media has been in this case. It is clear based on all the evidence that Kyle Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. This isn’t what the mainstream media wants the American people to see. They want this to fit into their narrative that Rittenhouse is a white supremacist who came to the Kenosha riots to stir up trouble when, in fact, he actually came to help. All the evidence and testimony make this very clear.

Even the Joe Biden campaign launched a campaign video showing Kyle Rittenhouse as a right wing, white supremacist.

On Tuesday, the “lone survivor”, Gaige Grosskreutz, testified and he quickly blew away the narrative when he admitted that he pointed a loaded gun at Kyle Rittenhouse’s face and was then shot in self-defense. But see for yourself how the media set this up. Every single network parroting the same, exact message …nearly verbatim.


The media and leftists politicians and public figures have already declared Rittenhouse guilty of murder. That’s not how the American justice system works. Thank God this case got a judge who still believes in the United States Constitution. This is dangerous for our judicial system. When people are no longer innocent until proven guilty, when the trial is by media mob, we no longer are a country of justice. We are ruled by the woke mob.

But there is GOOD NEWS! There are progressives who are waking up as a result of the coverage of this case. They are seeing the truth and calling it out.

We must continue to tell the truth. We must continue to call out the mainstream media and the lying politicians and public figures on their lies and gaslighting. This is unAmerican and we must not tolerate and we must continue to do our part to wake others.