Death of the Free Press

Death of the Free Press

*By Vincent Cavaleri, CLW Contributing Writer, Mill Creek City Council, Snohomish County Deputy Sheriff


Our founders understood the necessity of a free press and its integral role to ensure a free republic’s success. In what has become an all too familiar practice with todays journalists, the fabrications of the news, in lieu of reporting the news has become the new normal. Ignoring crisis after crisis and creating their own narratives for public consumption, in the hopes of profiting for the organizations they work for; is now the way America’s free press conducts business.


Political activists now run the daily news gauntlet and fabricate nothing more than one sided politically motivated stories to forward its own slanted ideology. Today’s billionaires now own and use these once storied institutions of truth, for personal and pollical gain; and weaponized abuses. Wealth buys a lot of things these days, including the news. In fairness to the rich kids with papers, the death of the free press was a slow suicide by the journalists themselves.


Looking back into history, American journalists have been the finders of truth, when lies and misdeeds permeated the air. Watergate, Iran-Contra, Tiananmen Square, just to name a few, were important stories that needed to be told for the prolongation of freedom. Oh, how times have changed.


With thousands upon thousands of illegal immigrants flooding the US-Mexican border, many of them, if not most of them have decided to punt on first-down. Ignoring one of the biggest humanitarian crises of our time. We are witnessing an unpresented surge of illegals at our southern border being trafficked into America’s streets. The human rights violations now being committed on American soil falls squarely on the inept Biden administration; and the media is nowhere to be found. Trump was right to call them “fake news.”


The White House media black-out and gag order on the Border Patrol should have been the fuel for the story, but instead was an opportunity to create fake divisional racial news as a sideshow and distraction. These media outlets have betrayed the American people along with their duty to inform; and provided cover for the atrocities being committed on our southern border. They are now co-conspirators.


Unprincipled journalists (which seem to be the norm) lack moral character and serve to undermine its vital role in a democracy. Thousands of American troops still surround the US Capitol, a Syrian immigrant just assassinated 10 innocent people in a Colorado market, Antifa and BLM rioters are still waging war in Portland, Seattle and other American streets, but the white supremacist fake news stories still capture headlines. Shame on them.


These so-called journalists celebrate the suppression of differing opinions and stifling of free speech; while finding comfort in the mob that feeds them violence. Many of them share a similar characteristic of a cannibalistic cult. They are simply abusers of the constitutional protections given to them.


Peace and blessings always, Vincent