Christianity: The New Extremism

Christianity: The New Extremism

*By Leah Anaya, CLW Member and Contributing Writer

If you are a Christian, you are now viewed as an “extremist” in the eyes of the progressive left. I’m sorry to burst the bubble of any Christian who votes Democrat, but that’s the raw truth of it.

It’s not been a secret that around the world, those who believe in Jesus and follow Christ have been persecuted, silenced, even put to death for their beliefs.

But now, America, the very nation that espouses a solid foundation of religious freedom, is silencing and in some cases physically attacking Christians because of their beliefs.

The First Amendment was added to our Constitution by our Founding Fathers because they knew the importance of the individual being able to follow their heart, morals, and own minds when it comes to God. England’s forcing of Catholicism made it clear to our Fathers that America should not be a place of forced religion; in other words, they believed in religious, among many other types of, freedom.

And our country bends over backwards to be accepting and tolerant of just about any religion out there, except Christianity. I could write pages and pages of speculation into why that may be, but the most important thing is that it’s wrong, and a very slippery slope.

Christians are being labeled as “extremists,” “hateful,” “intolerant,” and just about every -ic and -ist there is (racist, homophobic, sexist, etc.). It’s simply not true. Of course there are some out there who have conveyed a message of hate (intentionally or not), but in general Christians may believe a certain lifestyle or law is not Biblical, but that doesn’t mean they are hateful of those who don’t agree with them. And we certainly don’t condone attacking those we disagree with.

Nevertheless, we have seen so many conservative (especially Christian) voices silenced by Big Tech, slandered by the media, hated by certain portions of the demographic, and now we are seeing physical attacks against people because of their religion, on American soil.

The most recent and abhorrent example is in the extremely “progressive” city of Portland, Oregon, where a group of Christians who were worshipping in a park were physically attacked by those who identify as members of the terrorist group Antifa.

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Please understand that the groups that were attacked were not just grown men ready for a battle of sorts: These were families, elderly people, women, and children who were assaulted verbally and physically because they were participating in a Christian form of worship and prayer.

The very next day, Christian Evangelist Sean XXXX was in Portland for a worship and prayer gathering, and groups of men stood up and protected those in attendance against further attacks. These men acted in ways that the police couldn’t (or wouldn’t), because that would mean to politicians and activists that law enforcement was showing “preference” to a religious group.

When one group is full-on attacking another group, at that point religion should not even be a factor. I would expect the police to act against a group of Christians bringing violence upon a group of atheists, so why this instance was different is beyond me. Or more accurately, why we have allowed our politicians to hogtie our police from being able to protect good people is beyond me.

Regardless, without the help of police, men of Christ came together to stand guard and make sure that the Christians who gathered in the park were allowed to peacefully exercise their First Amendment rights and worship the Lord.

What’s more, one of those who identified as Antifa even accepted Jesus after hearing Sean’s message. What a huge testimony to the power of God.

I’m hopeful that this persecution of our faith in our beautiful country is not going to silence us as Christians. On the contrary, I’m praying that it makes us stand up a little taller, sing our worship a little louder, and be a little more open with people we know and strangers alike about the faith we hold in our hearts.

If we don’t, if we cower down and allow the progressive left to silence us and label us essentially as a hate group that should be erased, then the freest country in the world will see its Christians worshipping secretly in our basements and hiding Bibles in our microwaves like they do in communist nations.

That’s not American. And that’s not what Jesus would do.

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