Call to Action: Support Our Police; Oppose HB 1202

Call to Action: Support Our Police; Oppose HB 1202

Another anti-police bill is making its way through the Washington State legislature this session.

HB-1202 seeks to take away qualified immunity from our law enforcement officers.

“Qualified immunity dates back to 1871 when Congress adopted legislation protecting government officials, including law enforcement officers, from individual liability unless the official violated a clearly established constitutional right.”

If our law enforcement loses qualified immunity, we will see a mass exodus from our police community here in Washington state. At a time when we are already understaffed due to the anti-police bills passed in the 2021 session and the vaccine mandate imposed by Governor Inslee, we cannot afford to lose a single officer.

Our law enforcement officers are important, and we need them to keep our communities safe. We’re already seeing a massive increase in crime across our state, we cannot afford to see it get worse. Please take action today!


We need YOU to email our DEMOCRAT representatives in the House and Senate. Republicans are prepared to oppose this so please direct your calls and your emails to the democrats! Be sure to contact YOUR reps in your district and also Speaker of the House Laurie Jinkins.

Find your reps: Washington State Legislature

Email Speaker Jinkins: Washington State Legislature – Member Email

Comment on this bill: Washington State Legislature