BLM@School Endorses Hamas’ War Crimes

BLM@School Endorses Hamas’ War Crimes

On October 17th, BLM@School released a statement in support of Palestine:

We open our hearts to the anger, the fear, and the rage that many are feeling. We feel grief alongside and with you and are committed to the responsibility we have to education and young people. We remain steadfast in our commitment to nurturing a shared vision to collectively love and care for one another as global and extended intergenerational families.

BLM@School wants to be clear in our recognition that this unfolding loss of Palestinian and Israeli lives is the direct result of decades of Israeli settler colonialism, land dispossession, occupation, blockade, apartheid, and attempted genocide of millions of Palestinians. Palestinians are reminding us that decolonization is not a metaphor or abstraction, but requires real, daily struggle. 

Education should be wielded in service of struggle. The ongoing fight to #TeachTruth in the U.S. must include Palestinian existence, resistance, culture, global contributions, and the ongoing struggle to realize a free Palestine. It also must directly name the ways that U.S. imperialism has fueled and supported apartheid and war crimes. Educators need resources, support, and protection that honor the enduring struggle for realizing Palestinian justice. This is our offering at this time.

Black Lives Matter is endorsing and justifying the terror attacks on Israel – the rape and murder of women, the slaughter and beheading of babies. We’ve seen democrats around the country come against these endorsement of terror attacks. Will we see those in the education system do the same thing? Will we see school districts around the country remove BLM@school from their schools? Will they discontinue promoting the values of BLM@school?

What are the values of BLM@School?

  1. End “zero tolerance” discipline, and implement restorative justice
  2. Hire and retain Black teachers
  3. Mandate Black history and ethnic studies
  4. Fund counselors not cops

BLM at school has a list of 13 Guiding Principles, among them is Globalsim, Trans Affirming, Queer Affirming, and Black Women, building a space free of male-centeredness (do not let the irony of them using male and female be lost on you). They “disrupt the western-prescribed nuclear family structure” and you will notice in their statement fathers are not mentioned. That’s intentional. Fathers are the foundation of the nuclear family. When you remove fathers from the family you not only disrupt the family structure, but you destruct it.

There are lesson plans available on the BLM at School website, many of which teach about queer and trans organizing. These lessons are available from Kindergarten through high school and are encouraged in many school districts around the country.

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The Black Lives Matter at School agenda is to indoctrinate children into little soldiers for the Democrat Marxist movement. This organization and its content has no business in our schools, funded by taxpayer dollars. American children have fallen way behind academically because BLM@School, SEL, CRT and CSE have taken priority over academic subjects like reading, math and science. State legislatures around the country should enact policy banning BLM@School from taxpayer funded schools for their support of terrorist acts and groups.


ALL LIVES MATTER. Black Lives Matter at School has made it clear that they support the terror attacks on Israelis. Take action by emailing your local school board directors and let them know you want to see BLMAS removed from the district. It will take you less than 5 minutes.

We cannot be silent. We must take a stand for what is right. We owe this to our children…to America’s children.

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