Assault on Divine Femininity

Assault on Divine Femininity

In response to the recent post The Left Wants to Cancel Women, I am moved to these thoughts.

Rape, what an evil, ugly, heinous act of hate.  In general people have appropriately attributed this as a despicable physical act.  But ladies, there are evil powers in these times that are committing an egregious sin that likens this act against every woman in the world in one way or another.  Certainly, i do not intend to diminish the physical reality of it but instead intend to expound on the intent of the evil and it’s desire to attack the sexuality of our very womanhood.  To forcibly take the very core of our being, our femininity, our nurturing loving spirit, and the unparalleled power within every woman and target us for exploitation, usury and annihilation of our gender is indeed vile and an assault. 

What else would anyone call it?  When an effort to wipe something completely off the planet, to first identify it, the value and very definition of our womanhood, as something to be rehabilitated or dismantled as though it were a vise!   As though our female gender is defective and in need of redefinition by a group of people who imagine themselves in a position to decide that the very perfect plan of men and women, the very laws of creation (that by the way, gave them life) should be what? Improved? Enhanced? Broadened? Does that not smack of a people that are saying that women are inferior?  Not at all worthy of respect physically or spiritually or evidently in any way, otherwise why would they have a desire to redefine us? Think about it.  They are telling the world women are substandard and defective.  What other reason would there be for a movement to change one thing into something else entirely?   These people are undoing scores of years of suffrage and sacrifice for women’s rights.  How many ways will we see these usurpers of our God given gender, try to recreate us?  Ladies!  We are perfect in His sight.  We are precious as we are, even in our sin, thanks be to our LORD Jesus Christ.

The derogatory attack on our divine and perfect sexuality is being perpetrated on every front.  By eliminating the intent of our pronouns, by changing me from a “she” or “her” to an “it” or “non-binary”, my gender is forcibly assaulted and violated.  By forcing me to share a restroom or changing room with men, my decency and female sensitivities are being dismissed and subjugated to someone’s not just redefinition, but recreation, of how they must see us as a subspecies that has no value as is!  By pretending that men are women, they are dismissing the value of precisely who and what we are.  Guess what? No one has the power to do that!  They are trying to strip us, forcibly take from us what is not theirs, our very DNA is being contradicted as though because they say it, it makes it so. 

In my heart this all starts with the abomination of abortion.  When we as a people wantonly allow innocent lives, baby girls and boys, to be killed in the womb, the societal rape of woman begins there.  Lack of respect for life is the death knell of a civilization.  Two weeks ago, i picked a woman up off the cold concrete having collapsed after exiting an abortion clinic.  Her sobs, visible pain and inability to communicate left me with one impression, this woman had just been raped, whether she sees it that way or not, her femininity was assaulted and violated, and a precious part of her life taken from her forever.  And so the denial and redefinition of who she is as a woman begins.  We have got to say enough is enough!

Let us stand together sisters in pure unashamed feminine solidarity. We will not be shaken.

Can i get an ‘Amen”!

*By Tammy Carter, BBC, LDO

Tammy is a Founding Member of Conservative Ladies of America

( “i” is used in deference to the name of Almighty God)