Abortion Law is Not a “Win for Women”

Abortion Law is Not a “Win for Women”

Yesterday Governor Jay Inslee signed HB-1851, the “Affirm Washington Abortion Access” bill, into law. This bill is in direct response to Idaho passing legislation to ban abortion after 6 weeks of pregnancy.


This bill also makes abortion more accessible by allowing nurse practitioners and physicians assistants to perform abortions.

The Affirm Washington Abortion Access Act also protects abortion patients from prosecution under laws such as those in Texas. 1851 extends Washington’s positions as pro-choice state and further promotes ease of access to a range of reproductive health care services for all.

But wait, that’s not all.

Women in Washington and beyond are celebrating this as a “win for women.”

One of the main purposes of this bill was to make the language more inclusive. The bill struck the word “woman” and replaced it with “individual”…because we know that not just women get pregnant. I mean, it’s 2022 after all. Anybody can get pregnant.

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Not only are we making it easier to kill babies, we’re killing women in the process.

Society is telling us that women don’t matter. Women are not different, unique or special. Women are not necessary.

The fight is on friends and we’re losing badly. We’re bleeding out on the battlefield.

“What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil,
that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” Isaiah 5:20

*By Julie Barrett, Founder, Conservative Ladies of America