A Nation In Turmoil

A Nation In Turmoil

By Janis Kristiansen, Contributing Writer

Fox Business 18h·

BREAKING: The House of Representatives Wednesday made history by voting to impeach President Trump for a second time for “incitement of insurrection” after a mob of his supporters besieged the Capitol on Jan. 6 in a failed attempt to stop the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College win.


This headline above is copied and pasted from Fox Business news today, January 14th. What’s “BREAKING” is our nation, and the core and fabric of our country.

This sorrowful and tragic headline basically says that hatred, anger and frustration, which has been brewing long before Trump came down the elevator to announce his run for office in 2015, is now in full bloom, with the actions of the left’s fury on full display against the right, the true, and the just.

No one can justify violence, but to now impeach a president, for “incitement of insurrection” after Democrat cities burned for months over the summer, and these same Democrats who run these cities and represent them in Congress just gave the burning, looted, and graffitied cities a collective shrug. And this says HYPOCRISY in all caps.

We are now reaping the results of 2 or 3 generations of public school and university students who are now adults, who were not taught American history, civics, or the beauty and cherished value of our beloved republic.

Taught to hate America, that socialism is to be desired, and to despise and question authority, and nearly everything else that is good and true, we are now in full blown fruition of these dangerous teachings and agendas taking effect.

History textbooks, now re-written to erase our amazing, and some would say miraculous, founding and beginnings as a nation now teach that America began as oppressing minorities and the weak.

People escaping this oppression is exactly why America was founded!

America was founded so people could come to this new land, and find the life, freedom, and refuge they so longed for.

I weep for you, America! We are tearing down our own nation with our own hands, and those wicked and vile among us have done so, while the apathetic and lazy have slumbered through the ideological war.

Well, I think most of us are awake now. What do we do from here?


*Speak up! If you love your country, say so! And with respect and courtesy, calmness and civility, say why you love your country.


  • Attend city council meetings, school board meetings, water district meetings. Get involved with people, get to know them, dialogue with them, let them get to know you.


  • Teach your children to love our country, teach them it’s history, it’s uniqueness in the world, it’s founding on Judeo-Christian principles, it’s freedoms and liberties we enjoy just because we live here.


  • Realize the oppressive, wicked, vile realities of the other countries of the world that kill their own people, enslave them, and keep them in poverty, isolation, and oppression are real. Evil exists.


  • Proclaim that abortion is an abomination to God, that marriage between one man and one woman is sacred, and that God created two genders, male and female, to bring Him glory as we honor our design.


  • Get involved in your local church, Chamber of Commerce, civics organizations, schools, and positions of influence in your neighborhood and community, and bring up the subjects of freedom, liberty, private property rights, and the value of low taxation and regulations, and most importantly, religious freedom.


Don’t shrink back! Now is not the time to go home in defeat and hide under a blanket. With a smile and a reasoned approach, we need to speak up. If you have spoken up in the past, please continue to speak. If you have never spoken up, practice on a like-minded friend what you’d like to say, and start to speak up.


These are only a few ideas to help save our republic. As Conservative Ladies of America, let’s be a strong, civil, firm voice of influence in our state. 2021 is going to be a good year of shining our light in this dark culture, and bringing truth to those who have ears to hear.