2021 Anti-Gun Legislation in WA

2021 Anti-Gun Legislation in WA

Last week the Senate held hearings for two bills designed to further impede our Second Amendment rights. SB-5078 and SB-5038 have both been passed to the rules committee for a second hearing. It is important that you take action on voicing your opposition to these bills NOW.


SB-5078 “Addressing firearm safety measures to increase public safety.”


SB-5078 will ban the manufacture, possession, sale, transfer of magazines that “are capable of holding” or hold more than ten rounds of ammunition.  This includes conversion kits or parts from which any such magazine may be assembled.  These “high capacity” magazines are standard equipment for commonly-owned firearms that many responsible gun owners legally and effectively use for an entire range of legitimate purposes, such as self-defense or competition.


Those who own non-compliant magazines prior to the ban will only be allowed to possess them on their own property and in other limited instances such as at licensed shooting ranges or while hunting.  Prohibited magazines have to be transported unloaded and locked separately from firearms and stored at home locked, making them unavailable for self-defense.  Any violation of this measure is a gross misdemeanor punishable by a maximum of 364 days in jail and/or a fine of up to $5,000.


Make your voice heard on this proposed bill! Send your comments here: Washington State Legislature

SB-5038 “Prohibiting the open carry of certain weapons at public demonstrations and the state capitol.”
This bill makes it a crime to openly carry, on the person or in a vehicle, a firearm or other “weapon” if the person is participating in or attending a “demonstration” in a public place. “Demonstration” is loosely defined to mean any behavior by at least one person expressing views or airing grievances that is intended to or attracts an unspecified number of onlookers (a “crowd”).
The bill also prohibits openly carrying a firearm or other weapon within 1,000 feet of a demonstration in a public place after a law enforcement officer advises the person to leave.  The intent of the bill is called into question because a single person expressing their views on the sidewalk could be considered a “demonstration” under SB 5038.  Senate Bill 5038 potentially causes those who are engaging in otherwise lawful activities to become criminals because of the actions of others.
Voice your opposition and provide your comments to the legislature here: Washington State Legislature